Oil Burners

    Brass Oil Burner, 13cm
    Buddha, Eye of Wisdom 12 x 8cm
    Ceramic, Black 11cm
    Ceramic, Blue 13.5cm
    Ceramic, Cream 12cm
    Electric Oil Burner, Cream
    Electric Oil Burner, Oil Garden
    Electric Oil Burner, Oval White
    Glass, Blue 13cm
    Glass, Brown 13cm
    Glass, Clear 13cm
    Glass, Grey 13cm
    Metal, glass top 10cm
    Soapstone, 11cm Blue OM
    Soapstone, 11cm Green Triquetra
    Soapstone, 11cm Purple Pentacle
    Soapstone, Black Floral 12cm
    Soapstone, Moon & Stars 10cm
    Soapstone, Moon & Stars 8cm
    Soapstone, Pentacle 10cm
    Soapstone, Pentacle 8cm
    Timber Cube Oil Burner, Om
    Timber Cube Oil Burner, Pentacle
    Wooden, Glass top 12cm

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