Incense Holders

    Ash Catcher, Aluminium Decorative
    Ash Catcher, Aluminium Smooth
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Blue 14cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Frangipani Boat 13.5cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Green 14cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Green 25cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Lotus 8.5cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Pink 14cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Rectangular Dish 8x6cm
    Ash Catcher, Ceramic Turquoise 25cm
    Ash catcher, Coloured Glitter 25cm
    Ash catcher, wooden carved 26cm
    Ash catcher, wooden plain 26cm
    Ash catcher, wooden with brass inlay 26cm
    Ash catcher, wooden with Brass Inlays, for long sticks 47cm
    Ash catcher, wooden with storage 30cm
    Brass Incense Holder, with Shell Inlay
    Ceramic Origami Crane, Blue
    Ceramic Origami Crane, Green
    Ceramic Origami Crane, Pink
    Chakra Incense Tower 24cm
    Chakra Incense Tower 24cm Gold
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Brass 5cm
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Brass 9cm
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Cast Iron Cauldron 10cm
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Metal 11cm
    Charcoal Burner, Metal Hand-Held 12cm
    Charcoal Burner, Soapstone with Timber Tripod
    Incense Hut, Brass Inlay 14.5cm
    Metal Incense Storage Container
    Round Cone holder with Pentacle 10cm
    Round Metal Pentacle 9cm
    Round wooden stick holder
    Round wooden with Brass inlay
    Round wooden with Soapstone
    Thai Buddha on Flower Incense Holder 12cm
    Wooden Cone Holder Cylinder 11cm
    Wooden Incense Hut 30cm
    Wooden Incense Hut 30cm
    Wooden Incense Hut Coloured 30cm
    Wooden Vertical Cone Holder 18cm
    Wooden Vertical Holder 34cm
    Wooden Vertical Holder, TALL 50cm

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