Incense Resins

    10 x Premium Charcoal Blocks
    Aphrodesia 60g
    Buddha Delight 30g
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Brass 5cm
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Brass 9cm
    Charcoal Burner Incense Holder, Cast Iron Cauldron 10cm
    Cyperus 25g
    Dragons Blood 60g
    Egyptian Musk 60g
    Forest Blend 70g
    Frankincense 60g
    Frankincense, Omani Hojari Resin 125g
    Kama Sutra 70g
    Laurel Berry 40g
    Money Drawing 60g
    Mystic Rose 10g
    Sandalwood 30g
    Spell Kit, Good Luck
    Spell Kit, Healing
    Spell Kit, Protection

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