Reference Books

    Angel Bible, The
    Angel Numbers 101
    Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit
    Aromatherapy for Lovers & Dreamers
    Aromatherapy, An A-Z
    Aromatherapy, Live better
    Aromatherapy, Magical
    Aromatherapy, Secrets of
    Aromatherapy, The Encyclopedia of Essential Oils
    Ayurveda & Aromatherapy
    Chinese Medicine, Western Herbs According to Traditional
    Crystal Bible Vol 1, The
    Crystal Bible Vol 2, The
    Crystal Bible Vol 3, The
    Crystal Bible, The Complete
    Crystal Healing Guide
    Crystal Prescriptions, Volume 1
    Crystal Prescriptions, Volume 2
    Crystal Prescriptions, Volume 3
    Crystal Prescriptions, Volume 4
    Crystal Prescriptions, Volume 5
    Crystal Prescriptions, Volume 6
    Crystal, Gem & Metal Magic, Cunninghams Encyclopedia of
    Crystals & Gemstones, Pocket Guide to
    Crystals, Gemstones of the World 5th Edition
    Crystals, Healing
    Crystals, Working with
    Dream Dictionary A-Z, The
    Dreams, 12,000 Interpreted
    Essential Oils, The Directory of
    Essential Oils, The Healing Power of
    Gems; Nature Guide
    Gemstones, The Healing Power of
    Healing Crystal First Aid Manual, The
    Herb Bible, The
    Herb Bible, The New
    Herbs Sourcebook, The Complete
    Herbs, The Way of Ayurvedic
    Lenormand Oracle Handbook, The Complete
    Lenormand Oracle, The Enchanted
    Lenormand, Mystical
    Mythology, The Dictionary of
    Mythology, Treasury of Egyptian
    Mythology, Treasury of Egyptian
    Mythology, Treasury of Greek
    Rocks and Minerals, Smithsonian Guide
    Rocks, Minerals and Gems
    Stones Alive!
    Stones of the New Consciousness

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