Polished Pieces

    Agate, African Slice
    Agate, Black Palm Stone 6x3.5cm
    Agate, Dendritic Freeform
    Agate, Moss Freeform 4cm
    Agate, Moss Smooth Stone
    Agate, Moss Smooth Stone
    Agate, Moss Thumb Stone
    Agate, Uruguay Thunder Egg Slice
    Agate, Uruguay Thunder Egg Slice
    Amazonite, Freeform 4cm
    Amazonite, Freeform 5cm
    Amethyst, Donut 3.5cm
    Amethyst, Double Point 7cm
    Apatite, Polished Freeform
    Calcite, Orange Palm Stone 7cm
    Carnelian, Polished Face Freeform
    Carnelian, Polished Freeform
    Celestite, Freeform 5cm
    Chakra Stone Set
    Chalcedoney, Polished Hollow 4.5cm
    Chrysanthemum Stone
    Chrysanthemum Stone
    Chrysanthemum Stone
    Chrysoprase, AA Grade Australian Large
    Chrysoprase, Citron Slab
    Chrysoprase, Citron Slab
    Chrysoprase, Madagascan Freeform 4.5cm
    Chrysoprase, Madagascan Freeform 5.5cm
    Chrysoprase, Madagascan Freeform 5cm
    Chrysoprase, Madagascan Freeform 7cm
    Chrysoprase, Polished Drilled 5cm
    Cinnabar, small cabochon
    Dendritic Opal (Merlinite) 4.5cm
    Dendritic Opal (Merlinite) 5cm
    Dendritic Opal Marquis Cut Polished and Drilled
    Fluorite, Freeform 6.5cm
    Fluorite, Polished Slice
    Fluorite, Slice 11cm
    Jasper, Dalmation Wand 9.5cm
    Jasper, Eclipse
    Jasper, Leopard Skin Smooth Stone
    Jasper, Ocean Freeform 10.5cm
    Jasper, Ocean Freeform 12cm
    Jasper, Ocean Freeform 6.5cm
    Jasper, Ocean Freeform 8cm
    Jasper, Ocean Freeform 9cm
    Jasper, Ocean Slice 10cm
    Jasper, Polychrome Freeform
    Jasper, Polychrome Freeform
    Jasper, Polychrome Freeform

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