Spheres & Eggs

    Alunite, Sphere 5cm
    Amazonite, Sphere 3.5cm
    Amethyst, Cluster Sphere 9.5cm
    Amethyst, Cluster Sphere 9.5cm
    Anorthosite, Sphere 40mm
    Anorthosite, Sphere 67mm
    Apatite, Egg 6.5cm
    Apatite, Sphere 7cm
    Aragonite, Brown Sphere 12cm
    Aventurine, Green Egg 5cm
    Bloodstone, Sphere 6cm
    Calcite, Blue Sphere 10cm
    Calcite, Sphere 5.2cm
    Fluorite, Rainbow Sphere 7cm
    Galena, Sphere 3.5cm
    Garnet, Sphere 6cm
    Granite, Blue Sphere 8.5cm
    Granite, Red Lustre Sphere 6cm
    Granite, Sphere 7cm
    Hematite, Magnetic Sphere 24mm
    Hematite, Sphere 35mm
    Jade, New Sphere 5cm
    Jasper, Shell Fossil 5.5cm
    Jasper, Shell Fossil 5cm
    Jasper, Striped Sphere 5cm
    Jasper, Yellow Egg 5cm
    Labradorite, Sphere 12cm
    Lapis Lazuli, Sphere 6cm
    Marble, Sphere 4.5cm
    Marble, Sphere 6.5cm
    Mookaite, Sphere 5.5cm
    Mookaite, Sphere 6cm
    Moonstone, Rainbow Sphere 6cm
    Obsidian, Black 10cm
    Obsidian, Black 5cm
    Opal, Peruvian Pink Sphere 5cm
    Petrified Wood, Sphere 6.5cm
    Pyrite, Sphere 6cm
    Quartz, Smokey Sphere 6.5cm
    Quartz, Smokey Sphere 9.5cm
    Quartz, Sphere 2-3cm
    Quartz, Sphere 2cm
    Quartz, Sphere 4.5cm
    Quartz, Sphere 5cm
    Quartz, Sphere 7cm
    Quartz, Sphere 7cm
    Rhyolite, Sphere 6cm
    Rose Quartz Egg 5cm
    Rose Quartz, Sphere 10cm
    Rose Quartz, Sphere 15cm

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