Wands & Points

    Amethyst, Double Terminated Twin Formation 4cm
    Amethyst, Double Terminated Twin Formation 6cm
    Amethyst, Mini Generator 6cm
    Amethyst, Phantom Point 3.1cm
    Amethyst, Phantom Point 3.3cm
    Amethyst, Smokey Phantom Generator 14cm
    Amethyst, Smokey Three Tiered Generator
    Amethyst, Vera Cruz Cluster 12cm
    Calcite, Honey Generator 13cm
    Calcite, Honey Wand
    Carnelian, Wand 9cm
    Chakra Healing Wand 14cm
    Chakra Wand, Lepidolite 10cm
    Chakra Wand, Prehnite 10cm
    Chakra Wand, Ruby Fuchsite 10cm
    Chakra Wand, Sunstone 10cm
    Citrine, Generator 3.5cm
    Citrine, Generator 4.5cm
    Citrine, Generator 4cm
    Citrine, Generator 4cm
    Citrine, Generator 5cm
    Citrine, Generator 5cm
    Citrine, Generator 9cm
    Citrine, Natural Point Dark 3cm
    Fluorite, Yellow Generator 4.5cm
    Garnet, Wand
    Golden Aura, Mini Generator 2.7cm
    Healers Gold, Wand 10cm
    Himalayan Ice Quartz, Point
    Jade, New Wand 10cm
    Jasper, Dalmation Wand 9.5cm
    K2 Blue, Point Pendant
    K2 Blue, Wand 11cm
    Kyanite, Blue Wand Flat 9cm
    Kyanite, Wand 10cm
    Lapis Lazuli, 8-Sided Vogel Point 14cm
    Lemurian Seeded Crystal 4.3cm
    Lemurian Seeded Crystal 4.6cm
    Lemurian Seeded Crystal 7cm
    Lemurian Seeded Crystal 7cm Pink
    Lepidolite, 8-Sided Generator 10cm
    Lepidolite, Wand
    Lodalite, Generator 11cm
    Moonstone, Mini Generator 6cm
    Pyrite, Wand 10cm
    Quartz, Champagne Aura (Golden Aura Quartz) Point 2.7cm
    Quartz, Elestial Cathedral
    Quartz, Generator 12.5cm
    Quartz, Generator 16.5cm
    Quartz, Generator 17cm

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