Bracelets & Necklaces

    Amazonite, Nugget Bracelet
    Amber Necklace, Cherry Round 45cm
    Amber Necklace, Cherry Round 55cm
    Amber Necklace, Cognac Round 45cm
    Amber Necklace, Cognac Round 70cm
    Amber Necklace, Honey Round 45cm
    Amber Necklace, Honey Round 55cm
    Amber Necklace, Lemon Round 45cm
    Amber Necklace, Multi Dark Round 45cm
    Amber Necklace, Multi Dark Round 70cm
    Amber Necklace, Multi Light Round 45cm
    Amber Necklace, Multi Light Round 55cm
    Amber Necklace, Multi Light Round 70cm
    Amber Necklace, Rainbow Round 45cm
    Amber Stretch Bracelet, Cherry 18cm
    Amber Stretch Bracelet, Honey Chips 18cm
    Amber Stretch Bracelet, Lemon 18cm
    Amber Stretch Bracelet, Multi Dark 18cm
    Amber Stretch Bracelet, Multi Light 18cm
    Amber Stretch Bracelet, Rainbow 18cm
    Amethyst, Faceted 7 Stone Bracelet
    Amethyst, Moonstone & Topaz Cluster Bracelet
    Amethyst, Nuggets
    Amethyst, Round Bead Bracelet
    Aventurine and Quartz Chips
    Aventurine, Green Nugget Bracelet
    Aventurine, Green Round Bead Bracelet
    Blue Quartz, Nugget Bracelet
    Bracelet Charm, Goddess
    Bracelet Charm, Pentacle
    Carnelian, Beaded Necklace 38cm
    Citrine, Round Bead Bracelet
    Fluorite, Beads
    Fluorite, Blue Nugget Bracelet
    Garnet, Round Bead Bracelet
    Howlite, Bead Bracelet
    Howlite, Nugget Bracelet
    Jasper, Dalmation Chips
    Jasper, Dalmation Nugget Bracelet
    Jasper, Red Nugget Bracelet
    Labradorite, Bead Bracelet
    Labradorite, Chips
    Larimar, 10 Stone Bracelet
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Bodhi Root
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Rudraksha
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Wooden
    Mala Beads, Rosewood
    Malachite, 8 Stone Bracelet
    Malachite, Nugget Bracelet
    Mookaite, Chips

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