Gemstone Earrings

    Agate, Moss Rectangular
    Amazonite, Carved Hoop 2 Stone
    Amethyst and Quartz, 2 Stone
    Amethyst, 2 Stone Decorative
    Amethyst, Cluster Oval
    Amethyst, Cylinder
    Amethyst, Faceted Teardrop
    Amethyst, Faceted Tri Shape
    Amethyst, Oval
    Amethyst, Oval Decorative
    Aquamarine, Faceted Oval
    Aquamarine, Faceted Teardrop
    Blue Topaz, 2 Stone Faceted
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Decorative
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Marquis
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Oval
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Rectangular
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Round
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Round
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Teardrop
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Teardrop
    Carnelian, Oval Faceted
    Carnelian, Teardrop
    Chakra Stone Earrings
    Chrysocolla, Pearl 2 Stone
    Chrysoprase, Oval
    Chrysoprase, Studs
    Citrine, 3 Stone Heart
    Citrine, 4 Stone
    Citrine, Faceted 2 Stone
    Citrine, Marquis Cut
    Coral, Deep Sea, Squid
    Dendritic Opal (Merlinite), Arc
    Garnet with Moonstone, Stud Drop Earrings
    Garnet with Quartz, 2 Stone
    Garnet, 2 Stone Oval
    Garnet, Faceted Oval Ornate
    Garnet, Studs Claw Set
    Iolite, 2 Stone Faceted Marquis
    Iolite, 4 Stone Faceted
    Kunzite, Oval
    Kunzite, Oval
    Kyanite, Blue and Clear Quartz, 2 Stone
    Kyanite, Blue with Rainbow Moonstone, 3 Stone
    Labradorite and Garnet, 2 Stone Earrings
    Labradorite, 3 Stone Marquis Cut
    Labradorite, Round Studs
    Labradorite, Square
    Labradorite, Teardrop Ornate
    Lapis Lazuli, Oval Studs

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