Gemstone Rings

    Agate, Black Oval
    Agate, Blue Lace Oval
    Agate, Blue Lace Round
    Amazonite, Freeform
    Amazonite, Oval
    Amazonite, Oval
    Amazonite, Square
    Amber, Round
    Amethyst, 3 Stone Twist
    Amethyst, 4 Stone
    Amethyst, Double Terminated Point
    Amethyst, Druzy
    Amethyst, Druzy
    Amethyst, Druzy
    Amethyst, Faceted 2 Stone
    Amethyst, Faceted Heart
    Amethyst, Faceted Oval
    Amethyst, Faceted Rectangular
    Amethyst, Marquis Cut
    Amethyst, Oval
    Amethyst, Round Cabochon
    Amethyst, Round Faceted
    Amethyst, Silver Goddess
    Apatite, Oval
    Apatite, Round
    Aquamarine, Chatoyant
    Aquamarine, Faceted Reverse Mounted
    Aquamarine, Faceted Round
    Astrophyllite, Teardrop
    Azurite and Malachite, Square
    Bloodstone, Oval
    Blue Topaz, 3 Stone Twist
    Blue Topaz, Faceted 2 Stone
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Heart Ornate
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Oval
    Blue Topaz, Faceted Oval Ornate
    Blue Topaz, Oval Cabochon
    Blue Topaz, Round Faceted
    Blue Topaz, Round Faceted Decorative Sterling Silver Band
    Carnelian, Oval
    Carnelian, Oval
    Carnelian, Oval
    Carnelian, Oval
    Carnelian, Teardrop
    Cavensite, on Stilbite Cluster
    Cavensite, on Stilbite Cluster
    Chakra Stone Ring
    Chakra Stone Ring
    Chakra Stone Ring Set, Stackable
    Charoite, Freeform

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