Other Jewellery

    Agate, Tree Heart

    Regular Price: $19.95

    Special Price: $15.00

    Amethyst in Glass
    Amethyst, Donut 3.5cm
    Amethyst, Mini Bead Ring
    Angel, Guardian Pin Gold Blue
    Angel, Guardian Pin Gold Clear
    Angel, Guardian Pin Gold Purple
    Angel, Guardian Pin Silver Blue
    Angel, Guardian Pin Silver Clear
    Angel, Guardian Pin Silver Purple
    Belly Bar, Dragon
    Belly Bar, Triquetra
    Belly Bar, Yin Yang
    Carnelian, Carved Flower 4cm
    Chakra Bead Base Muladhara
    Chakra Bead Crown Sahasrara
    Chakra Bead Sacral Svadhisthana
    Chakra Bead Set of 7 Chakras
    Chakra Bead Solar Plexus Manipura
    Chakra Bead Throat Vishuddha
    Copper and Brass Ring, Om Ma Ne Pe Me Hum
    Dreamcatcher, Necklace 6cm
    Hematite Ring 6mm
    Hematite Ring 6mm, Magnetic
    Hematite Ring 6mm, Magnetic
    Lapis Lazuli in Glass
    Mala Beads, Bodhi Root
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Bodhi Root
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Rudraksha
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Wooden
    Mala Beads, Rosewood
    Mala Beads, Rosewood Stretch
    Mala Beads, Rosewood with Dorge
    Mala Beads, Sandalwood
    Nose Ring, Sterling Silver
    Nose Ring, Sterling Silver Colours
    Quartz, Faceted Ball Pendant 18mm

    Regular Price: $18.95

    Special Price: $14.95

    Rhodochrosite in Glass
    Rose Quartz, Donut 3.5cm
    Seraphenite, Diamond Shape

    Regular Price: $35.00

    Special Price: $28.00

    Shark Tooth, Fossil Pendant
    Vogel Point, Pendulum/Pendant
    Vogel Point, Quartz 12cm
    Yellow Jade, Carved Petals Necklace

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