Pewter & Plated

    Angelus, 55mm
    Archangel Michael
    Buddha Hand
    Cross, Rosycroix
    Dragonfly, Blue Enameled
    Egyptian Amulet, Ankh
    Egyptian Amulet, Cleopatra Love Cartouche
    Egyptian Amulet, Eye of Horus
    Egyptian Amulet, Horus
    Egyptian Amulet, Isis
    Egyptian Amulet, Osiris
    Egyptian Amulet, Tutankhamun
    Egyptian Mummy Locket
    Gaia, Elemental
    Gaia, Swarovski
    I Ching Coins
    Key of Solomon
    Lotus Flower
    Om, Pendant
    Om, Spinning Pendant
    Om, Spinning Pendant Gold
    Peace Sign, Rosewood Inlay
    Pentacle, Green Swarovski 20mm
    Pentagram 36mm
    Pentagram of Pan
    Pentagram of Swords
    Pentagram, Blue Crystal
    Pentagram, Runestar
    Pentagram, Runic 23mm
    Quan Yin
    Thors Hammer
    Yin Yang, Sparkling 24mm

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