Silver Pendants

    Angel of New Hope
    Ankh, Egyptian 4cm
    Ankh, Egyptian 5cm
    Archangel Gabriel Talisman Pendant
    Archangel Michael Talisman Pendant
    Archangel Raphael Talisman Pendant
    Archangel Uriel Talisman Pendant
    Astrology Wheel Pendant
    Athame Pendant
    Balance & Recovery Pendant, 19mm
    Butterfly, Sterling Silver Pendant
    Celtic Knot, Ball 13mm
    Chakra Crescent Moon Pendant
    Chakra Pendant
    Chakra Silhouette Pendant
    Chakra, Crown Pendant with Amethyst
    Chinese Astrology Wheel 24mm Pendant
    Citrine, Equalibra Pendant
    Crescent Moon 40mm Pendant
    Cross, 2.5cm
    Cross, 3.5cm
    Cross, 3cm
    Cross, 3cm
    Cross, 4.5cm
    Dragonfly, with Amethyst
    Fairy, 2.5cm Pendant
    Fairy; Tarika Orenda
    Fairy; Vanina Kari
    Flower of Life, 25mm
    Flower of Life, 34mm
    Flower of Life, Sterling Silver with Gold Plating
    Harmony Ball, 15mm Cage with Aquamarine
    Harmony Ball, 15mm Cage with Lapis Lazuli
    Harmony Ball, 15mm Cage with Peridot
    Harmony Ball, 15mm Cage with Turquoise
    Heptagram, 30mm
    Hexagram, Magic 30mm
    Key of Knowledge
    Labradorite, Ashshaph Pendant
    Locket, Sterling Silver Vial
    Malachite, Fidensa Pendant
    Om Pendant 18mm
    Om Pendant 25mm
    Peace Sign 20mm Pendant
    Pendulum, Pentagram Locket
    Pentacle 13mm
    Pentacle of Shadows, Pendant
    Pentacle, Goddess Pendant
    Pentacle, Open 18mm Pendant
    Pentacle, Swarovski Star 27mm Pendant

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