Other Things

    Affirmation Banner, Live Love Laugh
    Affirmation Banner, Ohm Flower Mandala
    Amethyst, Point Keyring
    Bag, Velvet Drawstring
    Biosun Ear Candles - 1 Pair
    Buddha Hand Tealight Holder 30cm
    Buddha, Keyring
    Buddhist Prayer Flags 10cm
    Buddhist Prayer Flags 11cm, OM MANE PAD ME HUM
    Buddhist Prayer Flags 3.5cm
    Buddhist Prayer Flags 6.5cm
    BULK LOT Acrylic Angel Wings 2cm 88pcs
    BULK LOT Sword 2cm 72pcs
    Citrine, Point Keyring
    Divining Rods
    Eye Pillow, Lavender & Linseed, Zen
    Feng Shui Box
    Feng Sui, Bagua Mirror
    Feng Sui, Bagua Mirror Concave
    Feng Sui, Bagua Mirror Convex
    Feng Sui, I Ching Coins 3 with Ribbon
    Globe, 15W Clear for Himalayan Salt Lamp
    Henna Paste Kit
    Henna Powder 80g
    Himalayan Bath Salt 250g
    Light Display Base, 7 Colour LED 10cm
    Mala Beads, Bodhi Root
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Bodhi Root
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Rudraksha
    Mala Beads, Bracelet Wooden
    Mala Beads, Dark Timber
    Mala Beads, Rosewood Stretch
    Mala Beads, Rosewood with Dorge
    Mala Beads, Sandalwood
    Medicine Bag
    Nose Ring, Sterling Silver
    Nose Ring, Sterling Silver Colours
    Orgonite, Chakra Energy Pyramid
    Orgonite, Chakra Energy Pyramid
    Orgonite, Handmade Pyramid
    Orgonite, Handmade Quartz Crystal
    Orgonite, Handmade Quartz Mini
    Orgonite, Handmade Quartz Mini
    Power Cable, For Himalayan Salt Lamp
    Prayer Flags, Chakra 30cm
    Prayer Flags, Chakra Mandala 35cm
    Prayer Flags, Chakra Triangular 9cm
    Prayer Wheel, Mini 11cm
    Quartz, Point Keyring
    Ring Re-Size Service

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