Angel Whispers, Tealight Holder LUCK
    Angel, Glass with Ribbon 10cm
    Angel, Guardian 6cm
    Angel, Guardian Pin Gold Blue
    Angel, Guardian Pin Gold Clear
    Angel, Guardian Pin Gold Purple
    Angel, Guardian Pin Silver Blue
    Angel, Guardian Pin Silver Clear
    Angel, Guardian Pin Silver Purple
    Angel, Pink Glitter 15cm
    Angel, Protector of all Animals
    Angel, Rose Headband 6cm
    Archangel Set of 7
    Archangel Statue, Barachiel 10cm
    Archangel Statue, Gabriel 10cm
    Archangel Statue, Gabriel 13cm
    Archangel Statue, Michael 10cm
    Archangel Statue, Michael 13cm
    Archangel Statue, Raphael 13cm
    Archangel Statue, Sealtiel 10cm
    Archangel Statue, Uriel 13cm
    Cherub, Kneeling with Cross 14cm
    Cherub, with Flower Heart 8cm
    Heart Stand, Two Cherubs
    Triple Tealight Holder, Praying Cherub

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