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Sydney Australia's finest New Age shop, Crystal Shop and Spiritual Bookshop, we offer reliable advice on the products we sell. We take the same approach to the services we offer, and like most New Age shops we offer Tarot Readers by appointment daily.

Unlike most New Age shops we draw the line at professional services. We tend not to use the word ‘Psychic’ when marketing or offering our services, so that our services remain based first upon the expertise and experience of the reader, as well as intuition, rather than any claimed ‘paranormal ability for sale’. We seek to nurture the spiritual growth of our customers, and to lead them away from superstition. For this reason, we have developed an excellent reputation across Sydney's Sutherland Shire for intuitive guidance, via professional Tarot reading. A no-nonsense approach that our customers appreciate.


OUR READERS (listed by Alphabet)


A naturally gifted and very 'down to earth' reader, Leasa is an excellent interpreter of Tarot Cards. Using the Smith-Waite (ie Rider-Waite) Tarot Deck she is able to draw guidance from the cards to your specific questions or life situation. The grounded and sensible approach to Tarot is required in a 'decision time' of life and her life experience, compassionate style, and now several years of professional readings, Leasa has become one of the finest Tarot readers you could hope to see.


Founder, and team leader at Awaken Crystals, Robert has studied and researched Tarot for years, delving into the the Mystical Qabalah and the teachings of the 'Golden Dawn', to gain a deep understanding of both Aleister Crowleys 'Thoth Tarot', and the Smith-Waite (Rider Waite) Tarot deck. Drawing from the esoteric psychology of these teachings, his deep understanding of the symbolism and archetypes presented in the cards, enables him to see a clear picture across the cards during a reading, to ultimately offer clear guidance to a current question or life situation.



We offer a customised one-on-one Tarot course, which is a seven part course taken at your own pace. From beginner to advanced level, this course teaches the Rider-Waite and/or Thoth Tarot system, and can be altered to suit other derived Tarot decks.

COST is $395 with seven flexible sessions. Full payment in advance, with 45min sessions taken by appointment within 12 months. The course will cover all aspects of the Tarot Deck, intuitive reading and practical applications.


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